Download offline secure desktop Wallet:

⇩ Download Offline Desktop Wallet for Windows 64-bit

⇩ Download Offline Desktop Wallet for Ubuntu 64-bit

Check the balance:

Type or paste the wallet address into the box below, one by one or separated by commas and spaces. Click "confirm query" to display the account balance. No more than 20 account addresses can be queried at a time.

Total balance of {{balances.length}} addresses : {{totalamt}}

{{one.addr}} : {{one.amt}}

Send transaction:

Paste the txbody value of the transaction into the box below, and click confirm to submit it to the blockchain network for confirmation.

Transaction sent successfully!
txhash: {{result.txhash}}

Send failed: {{result.err}}

Check transaction status:

Paste the transaction hash (txhash) value into the box below, and click "Query" to query the transaction status.


status: {{ {'txpool':'Waiting for packing in the tx pool','block':'The tx packed. Mining','confirm':'Confirm successfully','notfind':'Not find'}[result.status] }}

Block height:{{result.block_height}}
Block hash:{{result.block_hash.toUpperCase()}}
Confirmed height:{{result.confirm_height}}

Security warning: the following webpage wallet functions need to transfer your private key on the Internet, which can not be 100% secure. It is recommended to use offline desktop wallet for account creation and transfer transaction, and submit it in online wallet after signature transaction is generated.

Create new account:

Generate a private key through a private password and create a address (Note: please keep remember your password or private key, once the password or private key is lost, the funds in the account will be permanently lost)
This program will not back up, store or disclose your password or private key.

If the password is empty, the private key will be created randomly

Warning: a password that is too simple is not secure (for example, 123456 or birthday), and may be guessed and stolen by others.
   Be sure to use a password that contains a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters of not less than 16 digits.

If the password is empty, the private key will be generated randomly. At this time, the private key will ensure that it cannot be guessed by the algorithm. It is the most secure way to generate the private key. But the private key can't be memorized in the brain like a password, so it needs to be backed up to the hardware storage device. Please ensure the security of the backup device (Note: do not use the online note app or the online disk to back up the private key, the online personal computer may also be stolen by the virus. It's better to use the offline anti-virus U disk, and copy multiple u disks to store in different physical locations Deposit)


By password {{accobj.passstr.substr(0,5)+'...'}} generated new account:

New account generated randomly (without password):

Address: {{accobj.address}} Show to others, for collection
Public key: {{accobj.public_key.toUpperCase()}}
Private key: {{accobj.private_key.toUpperCase()}} Do not divulge, or the assets will be stolen and lost, and will never be recovered


1. Create tx 2. Enter password signature 3. Submit to main network for confirmation

Payment address:
Collection address:

Unit:   Tips: 1Mei = 100000000Zhu


Uint:   Proposed fee: 10000Zhu(0.0001Mei)

Please confirm the following transaction information:

Address {{from_addr}} transfer to address {{to_addr}} of {{amount}} {{ {'248':'Mei(:248)','240':'Zhu(:240)'}[unit+''] }} HAC,Fee {{fee}} Zhu(:240)

The transaction has been successfully generated through the filled information. Please copy and save the following information to query the transaction confirmation status:

transaction hash: {{txhash.toUpperCase()}}
transaction body (hex value) : {{txbody.toUpperCase()}}

Click the "confirm transfer and send transaction" button to send the transaction to the hacash network for confirmation. Once the transaction is sent and cannot be withdrawn, please pay attention to whether the transfer is repeated.

transaction hash: {{txhash.toUpperCase()}}

transaction status: {{ {'txpool':'Waiting for packing in the tx pool','block':'The tx packed. Mining','confirm':'Confirm successfully','notfind':'Not find'}[txconfirm.status] }}

Waiting for transaction confirmation status update, countdown {{txstatusupdatesec}} seconds the request will be initiated again.

About 3-7 minutes, your transaction will be confirmed by the blockchain network, please wait patiently.

Block height:{{txconfirm.block_height}}
Block hash:{{txconfirm.block_hash.toUpperCase()}}
Transaction has been confirmed successfully, transfer succeeded!

Diamond transfer:

Create a bulk transfer block diamond transaction and submit it to the main network immediately for validation.

password or private key of account for fee:

password or private key with diamond:

address for diamond collection:

diamond names (comma separated):


Fee competition:

Reset and increase the fee of the transaction to be confirmed in the transaction pool to advance the queuing position of the transaction and get the confirmation earlier. It can also be used for the commission price to be confirmed after diamond excavation.

Transaction hash:
Reset fee:
Private key or password of tx main address:


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