Create a Hacash wallet:

Immediately randomly create an available wallet address, which can be used to collect assets such as HAC currency, HACD diamonds and one-way transfer BTC on the Hacash chain. The wallet is generated randomly by front-end JS code. Your private key will not be transmitted on the Internet or stored on any remote server. It is safe and reliable. Please make sure to back up the generated private key and do not disclose it. Once you lose or disclose the private key, your assets will be lost forever.

Address:{{addr}}For collection, can show to others
Private key:{{prikey}} (Must be backed up)Please be sure to back up private key safely. The loss or disclosure of the private key will cause the asset to lost forever!

WEB Online Wallet:

Open a URL webpage and use it immediately without any download and installation, which is the most convenient, but may have potential asset security risks

WEB Offline Wallet:

a single webpage by download, compatible with all devices with the latest version of web browser installed, which can be used offline or online.

Offline Security Desktop Wallet:

the most comprehensive function, prepared for experienced users and users who pursue absolute security, and can be used completely offline

Check Balance:

Type or paste the wallet address into the box below, one by one or separated by commas and spaces. Click "confirm query" to display the account balance. No more than 20 account addresses can be queried at a time.

Total balance of {{balances.length}} addresses : {{totalamt}}

{{one.addr}} :{{one.amt}}

Send Transaction:

Paste the txbody value of the transaction into the box below, and click confirm to submit it to the blockchain network for confirmation.

Transaction sent successfully!
txhash: {{result.txhash}}

Send failed: {{result.err}}

Check Transaction Status:

Paste the transaction hash (txhash) value into the box below, and click "Query" to query the transaction status.



status: {{ {'txpool':'Waiting for packing in the tx pool','block':'The tx packed. Mining','confirm':'Confirm successfully','notfind':'Not find'}[result.status] }}

Block height:{{result.block_height}}
Block hash:{{result.block_hash.toUpperCase()}}
Confirmed height:{{result.confirm_height}}

For miner: ⇩ Download full node web wallet

Wallet open source code on Github

All types of wallets developed by the Hacash developer community are contributed by the open source community. If you need to verify the security of the wallet code, compile and deploy the wallet yourself, customize the wallet function or join the wallet developer community, the following is the open source code of each wallet address:

This Website:
Offline Secure Desktop Wallet:
Web Wallet JS SDK:
Web Wallet (Online or Offline)
CMD Wallet: